When taking oral steroids, it is important to note certain important points that act as precaution. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory painkillers when taking these steroids because the combination increases the risk of stomach ulcers; unless advised by a medical practitioner to take such painkillers. Diabetics are advised to avoid the steroids because they increase blood sugar. Note that you cannot buy oral steroids because they are only available in pharmacies if you have a prescription.

People with active infections like urinary tract infection and sinuses infection must avoid taking steroids because they only make the infections worse. Most people who regularly take the steroids have a steroid card which is given by a doctor. The card is important because it gives details of the dose and the condition of the patient in the event of an emergency. Sometimes the dose is increased for a short time in case you get other conditions like if you have an operation or get a serious infection. During such times, your body needs more steroids due to physical stress.

Benefits of oral steroids

Their benefits normally outweigh their side effects. They are essential in treating diseases like allergies and asthma. They also help patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. However, they should be used for a short time to avoid complications.

People who use them for a long time will definitely get complications because they are not supposed to be used for a long time. Some adverse complications resulting from long term use of steroids include weight gain especially on the face, skin problems like thinning skin, stretch marks, poor healing after injuries and easy bruising. Long term users are also at the risk of developing cataracts and stomach and duodenal ulcers. Thus, if you are taking these steroids and you develop indigestion or abdominal pains ensure you inform your doctor.

Misconceptions on oral steroids

Most people believe that they are safer than injections and that they are the best steroids. Well, the truth is that both oral and injectable steroids are risky and they contain risky components. The other misconception is that they are not as strong as anabolic steroids. They are not stronger and nor are they weaker. Each of them has their roles in the body and none is stronger or weaker than the other.
They are not cheaper than anabolic steroids like most people believe. Within the two categories, there are certain compounds that are more expensive as well as the less expensive ones. Anabolic steroids are not difficult to obtain as compared to the oral ones. There exist steroids in both categories that are easier to obtain than others.